Firm, refined skin gives us a youthful appearance and can instantly revive our appearance. Lucky for us there are plenty of non-surgical and non-invasive ways to achieve this.

Photo Rejuvenation IPL

One of our most popular skin treatments, Photo Rejuvenation IPL uses intense light therapy at multiple wavelengths to effectively treat discolouration, age spots, pigmentation, visible capillaries, acne scarring and rosacea. Safe and pain-free, this is a treatment that delivers maximum results with minimal downtime.

Full face – Single $180 – Per 3 $126
Neck – Single $100 – Per 3 $70
Face + Neck – Single $250 – Per 3 $175
Décolletage – Single $150 – Per 3 $105
Hands – Single $100 – Per 3 $70
Spot treatments – From $50

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Photo Rejuvenation IPL

Skin Tightening

We’ve been offering Skin Tightening treatments at Complexion over several years and have seen a visible improvement and more youthful skin for clients regularly using this treatment. The treatment is the safe and quick way to promote skin elasticity and increase collagen.

Full Face Skin Tightening (20 min)
Single Treatment $80
3 Treatment Course $204
6 Treatment Course $384

Face + Neck Skin Tightening (30min)
Single Treatment $139
3 Treatment Course $354
6 Treatment Course $817

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is the completely painless and highly effective light therapy known to improve skin appearance by reducing scarring and pigmentation, reduce fine lines and improve overall skin health.

We’ll choose the correct light colour and setting depending on your skin concerns. The best part? Instant results with no downtime.

Single $50 – Per 3 $39