Body & Massage

In the modern world, life takes its toll on our muscles, nervous system and skin. A beautifully indulgent body treatment or massage is just the thing to escape and unwind. Choose from our spa menu of relaxing, rejuvenating treatments and float away.

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Our Massage Menu

Swedish Relaxation Massage

This classic Swedish style relaxation massage combines flowing movements, kneading, stretching and acupressure. Warmed sweet almond oil aides a total relaxation of your mind, body and spirit.

30 mins $59
60 mins $99

Hot Stone Massage

A deeply warming and soothing massage that combines smooth heated stones and our traditional relaxation massage. The warmed stone therapy mixed with the sweet almond oil provides an incomparably tension-easing release and healing for tired muscles.

60 mins $120

Aroma Salt Glow Massage

This invigorating and hydrating treatment combines a 20-minute relaxation massage with a full body exfoliating treatment and all-over body butter application, leaving your skin feeling beautifully soft and nurtured.

60 mins $110

Slim Wrap

The goodness of sunflowers, lemongrass, fennel, juniper and geranium brought together in a nurturing oil based solution to melt away stress and centimetres in this luxurious body treatment. Includes a dry body buff, body cocoon, face cleanse, exfoliation and scalp massage. 

60 mins $140